Break All Productions Areo Squibs & Practical Effects

Gun shots, and blood sprays, puppeteering, and designing how to make your scene come to life from a practical effects standing, our Las Vegas based special effects artists offer consulting to completion on your production. We also offer coordinating any other areas of practical effects, and can advise with the permits you may need to pull your movie off in Nevada.

Break All Productions Art Department

One company based in Las Vegas handles entire Art Department needs for film, including Production Designer, Art Director, Set Dresser, Props master, and Fabrication. We have a large warehouse for building and storing Setsand Props.

Break All Productions Costumes

Movie quality SFX wardrobe and masks designed and fabricated in Las Vegas. We have worked on film world wide, and created outfits for actors such as Nathan Jones and Tiger Shroff. Sculpted and pieced together by our talented special effects team, we have created costumes from super heroes to monsters and aliens.

Break All Productions Fabrication Shop

Movie quality fabrication shop in Las Vegas can design and fabricate what ever can be imagined for film and events. Props, Sets, Prototypes, Maquettes. We have talented construction and SFX crew who can sculpt, mold and life cast anything in or out of this world. We also provide on set labor for both Art and Special make-up effects departments.


Break All Productions Lifecasting, & Prosthetics

Need a Life Cast in Las Vegas, or a prosthetic made for your production anywhere? Face, body, and teeth, our team has worked on actors and film productions around the world.  From molding you, creating a replica,sculpting a look, to applying it, we have some of the most experienced Special Effects artists in Nevada.


Break All Productions Production Design, Prototyping, & Maquttes

Our Las Vegas based production designers have worked with artists such as Adam Lambert music videos, and designed sets for shows such as world renoun Fetish and fantasy Halloween Ball (2013). Prototyping and Maquettes are handled by our sculpting and SFX department. We have experience in prototyping for both film and coorperate industries.

Break All Productions Props

Anything that can be thought up, we can create in our Las Vegas warehouse. A talented artistic team with bothconstruction and SFX background  can design, build, sculpt, and tech movie quality props. Guns, Puppeteered Monsters, Exploding heads, or just a tech table- we can make it.

Break All Productions Sculpting, Molding, Prototyping

Las Vegas based sculptors, with a back ground in film production around the world, can bring any concept to life to mold out of a list of materials. Props, Prototypes, Maquettes, Prosthetic appliences, we make it, and assist indesigning your concept.

Break All Productions Set Design & Build

Talented team of set designers can fabricate any scene, organic, futuristic, or everyday for film, events or corporate settings out of our Las Vegas warehouse.

We have designed, fabricated and installed both large and small sets, involving animatronic parts and lighting design. We will also provide experienced on set Art Department.

Break All Productions Special make-up Effects Department

Highest quality Special Effects company based in Las Vegas to provide movie productions with SFX artists specializing in on set make-up, airbrush, original prosthetic application, body painting, blood work, and practical effects design. Anything that can be imagined, we can bring to life.

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