Break All Productions is a Las Vegas, Nevada based company. The first, and still the number one production company in Las Vegas that provides a team of talented artists for both SFX and Art departments for film.

Founded in 2013 by owner Joshua Brokaw, a freelance audio engineer with over a decade and a half of experience in SFX make-up and prop fabrication, aspired to combine his knowledge of film and live event industries, joining other talented artists and technicians in order to provide products in the worlds of special effects, prop and set fabrication, production design, and prototyping.

The goal of Break All Productions is to provide a team of Las Vegas’ most talented artists and knowledgeable technicians to design, fabricate, produce and provide the concepts and products needed for entertainment productions from props and SFX make-up for film to sets, and live shows at Hollywood blockbuster quality.

Break All Productions Las Vegas Practical Effects Squibs CVR

About the owner:


Joshua is an innovative and self-taught artist and live production technician. In 2001, he started off by fabricating props and helping design sets for haunted houses; his work making cover of Haunted House Magazine in 2003. He later moved into film industry, providing SFX make-up, blood squibs, and props for movies and television shows. Working as a freelance audio engineer and contracted SFX artist, Joshua has taken his knowledge and talent to the next level, building Break All Productions, LLC, and has since moved on to Designing and Coordinating Feature Film, Music Videos, Live Events, Tours, Production Crews, SFX Make-up, and Practical Effects for any levels of Professional Productions. Brokaw now enlists a team of talented people to provide the creative concepts and superior products to exceptional entertainment and elite productions.

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